Get results from your young people

Do you want to be that kick-ass teacher that gets results?

Are you frustrated working with young people you just can’t get through to?

I’m Kenny Baraka and I help organisations maximise the potential of their young people and of their teaching staff.


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Maybe you have a girl who sits at the back of the class chewing gum. Or a really smart kid who does nothing but graffiti his book. School is pointless he says – he just wants to play guitar.

Or do your teachers come to you close to tears because, no matter what they do, their students run endless circles around them.

In schools, youth organisations or young offender institutions, I can help you get results from the most challenging students.

But what in particular brings you here to me today?


Workshops for young people

I want a workshop run by a facilitator skilled in engaging young people’s imaginations about what they can achieve.


Teacher development

I want an experienced trainer to work with my teachers in developing strategies for challenging situations and students.


A speaker

I want an inspirational and motivational speaker for my educational organisation or event.

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An inspirational performer

I want a rap performer who will enthral and inspire young people about relevant issues in their lives.


A compère

I want an enigmatic host who will entertain and enthuse the audience for my event.

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Current projects

I want to hear more about what Kenny Baraka has in the pipeline.

Kenny Baraka is a brilliant facilitator who can engage some of the hardest to reach young people through his energy, talent and New York cool personality. He is a wordsmith who inspires creativity out of those who think they have none, taking them on a journey from disengagement to confident performance poets.

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Kenny was absolutely fantastic. The workshops were very engaging and energetic and really drew out the creativity of the students. It also got all of them writing enthusiastically and using metaphors. I feel there is scope here for this to develop into a cross curricular activity with English. What a wonderful day!! Thank you Kenny, please come back next year!!
— Rachael Evans, Head of Music, Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford