Teacher development

You became a teacher because you wanted to make a difference. A difference to those who need it most.

But are your teaching staff planning ‘engaging’ lessons into the early hours and then tearing their hair out because the students just don’t respect or listen to them?

Imagine instead that your teaching staff are energised. They love coming to work. Their students treat them with respect and look forward to class. Imagine their assessment scores going through the roof.

I work with teachers on a group or one-to-one basis developing strategies for working with challenging and hard-to-reach students.

Topics I cover include:

  • strategies of classroom and personal management
  • targeted curriculum design and delivery i.e. creating a curriculum and/or lesson plan that interests, engages and motivates the hardest-to-reach students
  • how to present and deliver your lessons/curriculum
  • cross-disciplinary integration i.e. getting the disciplines to work together
  • strategies for facilitating group work
  • how to work with students on portfolio work.

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