Workshops for Young People

Have students you struggle to engage? Are they spending your lessons acting the fool and skipping class on the regular? Do you suspect they’re involved in neighbourhood crime?

Do you see their potential and wish desperately you knew how to harness it?

I facilitate workshops with young people on a range of topics. This may involve talking about issues they face on a daily basis. Or we can explore strategies for developing their own self-control.

I particularly specialise in helping young people develop personal management through writing, lyricism and producing their own music.

Most importantly…

I don’t preach.

I don’t lecture.

I don’t expect young people to sit still and listen to me talk.

I facilitate.

I do meet the young people where they’re at.

I do engage the participants.

I do facilitate solution-based discussion.

And I believe in responsive facilitation.

It wasn’t until I met Mr. Belcher – a global studies teacher – that I began to see my own strengths and future. He started having conversations with me at random points in my day and encouraged me on a level that was beyond Global Studies. He spoke to me about my future, my gifts, my purpose, pushing through and being more open-minded.
— Ricky Singh, Assistant Head of Middle School at Charlotte Lab School

I identify the skills and interests of the group – the key to successfully engaging them. And the key to achieving whatever their aims will be.

Topics I cover include:

  • Personal management based on the students’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Effective engagement and negotiation skills

  • Problem solving

  • Work ethic

  • Dissatisfaction with school

  • Peer pressure

  • Substance abuse

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Home issues

  • Equality

  • Class/Poverty

  • Crime

  • Gangs

  • Music and entertainment

As a group, we’ll identify common areas of interest, with the young people deciding which issue, topic or theme they want to explore.  

Get in touch to talk about how I can help your students.